If you have ever been curious about stones, you might be a bit confused about them first since there are so many different kinds of stones available. To start learning efficiently, you should start by learning about the basics of one stone at a time. For instance, the malachite stone is a very popular stone known for its healing properties. However, there’s actually a lot more to this stone. To learn more about it, here are the basics facts that you need to know about it.

What It Is

A malachite stone is a stone that’s for the heart and throat chakras and it’s known for healing and compassion. Typically, it comes in green shades. A common shape that you would find for this stone is a malachite pyramid. A malachite pyramid is one of the more popular choices that people get when getting this stone. It’s also known for being the stone of transformation, balance, along with abundance. It helps to draw out any negative feelings and emotions that may be residing inside you. It is believed that this stone can protect them from accidents.

Who Benefits From It

Almost anyone can benefit from this stone. Commonly people who experience anxiety a lot may have this stone with them to help them keep a clear mind and feel more at ease. You may find people with more dangerous jobs, such as pilots, flight attendants, miners, etc., having this stone on them to help them stay calm and safe.

How Does It Work

Typically, people try to channel the vibrations in the stone to reap its healing properties. You can actually place it near things such as your kitchen microwave or television to absorb the electromagnetic energy coming from those items. It can also help reduce noise if you place it in your workplace. You may also have it on your person or wear it as a pendant in a necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc. Since this stone helps eliminate negative feelings, people tend to hold it during flights and close their eyes to imagine peace and that they’re on the wings of Raphael the Archangel.

How Do I Cleanse It

Stones have to be cleansed whenever they get cloudy or after a certain number of uses to keep them working efficiently. Cleansing the stones helps them stay energized for whenever you need them. There are many ways that you can cleanse stones and most of the techniques that you’ve heard before can work on the malachite stone as well. You can leave it out in the sun or in the moonlight. You can even run it through water or smudge some sage on it or allow the smoke of the sage to go on the stone.

If you are looking for a stone that can help you stay at peace and promote healing, then the malachite stone is something that you ought to try. It’s simple and it’s also beautiful to have on display in your room, home, office, or even wear it in a pendant form.

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